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When Your Toyota's Transmission Needs Repair, Come to Gullo Toyota of Conroe!

The engine and transmission of your vehicle share a type of symbiotic relationship as they power your Toyota. The engine powers the transmission, but the vehicle would still be immobile without a transmission selecting the proper gears and pulling the car along. Transmissions, whether automatic or manual, are also a crucial tool for safety, since they control the vehicle's ability to park or coast in neutral gear. Here at Gullo Toyota of Conroe, we are the best place for Toyota driver's in the area to go for transmission repair and maintenance. Schedule a transmission repair appointment today with our service center.

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How to Know Your Transmission Needs Repair

More often than not, transmission repair is not on the minds of first-time car buyers. Transmission components like timing belts and gears come built to last, especially those in a Toyota, so your transmission might not too much much attention until the vehicle's odometer reaches the 30,000-60,000-mile range. Once your Toyota reaches 30,000 miles, and you are still unsure, keep in mind these signs of a bad transmission.

Signs and Symptoms Your Toyota Transmission Needs Repair

  • Refusal to Switch Gears: Transmission failure in a stick-shift Toyota will present itself with shifter jamming an inability to select gear changes. In an automatic or CVT Toyota, you may notice failure occurring through excessive stalling when the vehicle tries to change gears on its own.
  • Persistent burning smell
  • Strange noises- grinding, shaking, rattling, or even a lack of noise during gear changes
  • "Check Engine" light
  • Clutch dragging/stalling
  • Leaking fluid

What You Can Do to Care for Your Transmission

Until your transmission needs more in-depth repairs, the best thing you can do for it is to check the transmission fluid levels frequently, which can be found under the hood. As the transmission fluid expires, it can congeal and harden, which causes more costly damage in the long-run. You should also let the vehicle warm up before driving and refrain from shifting gears while the vehicle is moving, unless you have a manual transmission.

Where to Get Transmission Repairs and Maintenance

If you drive a Toyota, your safest bet for detailed transmission repair is scheduling a service appointment here at Gullo Toyota of Conroe. All of our technicians know the Toyota brand, inside and out, so we are the right experts to turn to for information and feedback on your transmission. Whether you think there might be an immediate issue, you know there is, or you just think it might be time for some maintenance, our Toyota-trained technicians are a great local resource. These mechanics only use genuine Toyota parts in their repairs, straight from the manufacturer.

Get Transmission Repair and Save

Whether your Tundra's manual transmission needs a new timing belt, or the CVT in your Camry just needs some basic maintenance, you just might find a coupon this month to help you save. Each month, our dealership offers a wide selection of coupons, which can cover anything from tire sets to fluid replenishing and transmission repair. If you do not see the coupon you want now, contact our service team to see if we will have this discount at a later time. If you see a coupon you can use, do not wait, as these special offers expire on a monthly basis.

Schedule a Transmission Repair Today

When your Toyota's transmission needs repairs and maintenance, bring it in to Gullo Toyota of Conroe where out team of technicians can get you back up and running, quickly and efficiently. Drivers near the Conroe, TX area can schedule a service appointment online or by calling our team over the phone. We hope to hear from you soon!

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